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Multilevel pointer

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I am trying to read a multi level pointer from an .exe and it seems i have done everything right, but the value doesnt get read or it gets read wrong. First i tryed doing everything myself, but this code is from a script on this forum that automaticly makes a pointer read script from a cheatengine copy clipboard. So this should work, but it still doesnt read the value. Can anyone please help me. Thanks.

#include <NomadMemory.au3>


Func _Read($pid)

    Global $Offset[4]
    $Offset[0] = 0
    $Offset[1] = Dec("105C")
    $Offset[2] = Dec("0070")
    $Offset[3] = Dec("000C")
    $StaticOffset = Dec("4C3E88")
    $openmem = _MemoryOpen($pid)
    $baseADDR = _MemoryGetBaseAddress($openmem, 1)
    $finalADDR = "0x" & Hex($baseADDR + $StaticOffset)
    $MemPointer = _MemoryPointerRead($finalADDR, $openmem, $Offset)

    Return $MemPointer
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Where is <NomadMemory.au3> ? I haven't this include-file, and can't test your code..

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Not sure about read but here is some write. Check this to see if it looks similar.

Also make sure you are using the array correctly. Reading returns an array of value and address.

If you are familiar with the Tutorial.exe try using this and change write to read with a message box or something.

If this must be removed feel free to remove it. I personally see no problem with it, but I know others do.




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Thanks i totaly forgot it returns an array :D Works now.

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