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Reading Excel and Whitespace

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So I had a question about the best way to solve this problem. I'm writing data to an excel sheet. This data writing only needs to be one way... I don't need to edit it through the program at all. My problem comes from formatting. Right now the variable $QSID is a string of numbers, often with one or two leading zeros. By default, excel drops these. However, if you change the cell attribute to "text" instead of numbers, it will allow them. So, thinking I could just go ahead and do that, I opened my chart and changed all the cells to text. Well... after I did that, when I use ReadSheetToArray, it returns those formatted cells as containing data... so when I use _ExcelWriteArray($oExcel, $row, 1, $aRxData), it will just write the data to the last cell that I have not formated (maybe like... row 4000). I'm guessing I need to determine which $row to write in using a different method. I saw a function for removing white space, but I'm not sure if that would be helpful here. I've also read about using macros, but I'm not sure how I'd impliment them.

Any suggestions would be greatly apperciated.

;start excel stuff
$sFilePath1 = "file.xls" ;This file should already exist
$oExcel = _ExcelBookOpen($sFilePath1, 0); 

If @error = 1 Then
    MsgBox(0, "Error!", "Unable to Create the Excel Object")
ElseIf @error = 2 Then
    MsgBox(0, "Error!", "File does not exist!")

$aArray = _ExcelReadSheetToArray($oExcel)
$row = $aArray[0][0] + 1 ; used to detect the next open collumn.
$col = $aArray[0][1]

Local $aRxData[5] = [$QSID, $Date, $Prescription, " ", $User]

_ExcelWriteArray($oExcel, $row, 1, $aRxData) ; write array after existing data
_ExcelBookSaveAs($oExcel, "file.xls", "xls", 0, 1) ; overwrite existing file if necessary
_ExcelBookClose($oExcel) ; 


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