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Can't read file that comes from InetGet


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I Use this code when getting a html page to the local disk

Local $hDownload = InetGet("http://www.mywebpage.com/search.asp?q=" & $PartNumber, @ScriptDir & "\temp.dat", 1, 1)
Until InetGetInfo($hDownload, 2)    ; Check if the download is complete.

When I later on tries to read from the temp.dat file It does not work.

$file1 = FileOpen(@ScriptDir+"\temp.dat", 0)

$line2 = FileReadLine($file1,1)

MemoWrite( "WebLine=" & $line2)

get no error, $file1 returns a filehandenumber but $line2 is blank

If I manually copy the file to a different file the problem persists.

If I open the file in Notepad and copy the text and the paste it in another file then I can get a value to $line2

What have I done wrong?

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Did you really use that "+" in this line?

$file1 = FileOpen(@ScriptDir+"\temp.dat", 0)

Also did you try to do any error checking when reading the line? Something like..

$line2 = FileReadLine($file1,1)

If @error then memowrite(@error)

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The context of the file is HTML codes

And thanx Beege it was a typo It all works with '&' instead og the '+'

Thanx alot

Glad I could help. Also, if your not already using Scite, you should. SyntaxCheck(ctrl+F5) under tools will catch almost all syntax errors like that one. :mellow:

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