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Mousedown problems

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EDIT: Problem solved, the mouse was going down while it was still over the gui Posted Image

I wrote some code that moves the mouse in a perfect circle. I thought it was pretty clever. But the mousedown part doesn't work. It works fine in a straight line, even multiple points in a straight line, but when it's in a scircle it's not working. Probably something simple I don't know about that I'm missing - maybe with the for... to loop?

            $dir = 1 ; down and to the right
            For $temp = 1 To 2 
                ; This only draws half-circles - so we need to do it twice, and invert it the second time.
                For $i = -$radius To $radius Step $step
;~                          formula   x ^ 2 + y ^ 2 = r ^ 2
                    $x = $i
                    $y = Sqrt(($radius ^ 2) - ($x ^ 2))
                    $x = Round($x * $dir) + $Start_x
                    $y = Round($y * $dir) + $Start_y
                    ; MsgBox(4096, "Coords", "x=" & $x & " y=" & $y)
                    If $close = True Then ExitLoop
                    MouseMove($x, $y, $speed)
                $dir = -1 ; up and to the left
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