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How to extract YouTube links from random text.


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I know I need to use regular expression to do this. I'm not quite that good with regular expression yet.

I've read some articles and it appears no one has found an official solution for the dynamic youtube links.

Here's an example:

some text and then some text

Note: I grabbed these links from the example forums that have attempted to use regular expression to achieve this. I never really looked at the vids (it's not important).



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This should work for you :mellow:

Dim $searchString = "some text http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szygGmDsAl4&search_query=testing&search=Search and then some text" ; This could be a file

If FindYT($searchString) Then
    MsgBox(0, @ScriptName, "I found a YouTube link!")
    MsgBox(0, @ScriptName, "No YouTube link :(")

Func FindYT($ioString)
    Local $RegEx = "(http://www.youtube.com)?/(v/([-|~_0-9A-Za-z]+)|watch\?v\=([-|~_0-9A-Za-z&=]+)?.*?)"
    If StringRegExp($ioString, $RegEx) Then
        Return 1
        Return 0


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