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Undefined Function?


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If winexists ( "blah blah", "blah blah" ) then

call ( "blah" )

else call ( "blah" )


C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Projects\blah.au3(53,6) : ERROR: syntax error

else call


C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Projects\blah.au3(51,18) : ERROR: blah(): undefined function.

call ( "blah" )


Why am I getting this? Obviously I am new..

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A fair number of AutoIt keywords must be the only statement on a line

among them Else, everything starting with End or Exit, Next, ....

In general, the excellent help file will show you in an example how to

use a certain command, just press F1 with your cursor sitting right

before a command.

Another remark: you will not usually need Call to start a built-in or

self-defined function



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