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Hotkey inside loop and GUI


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I have a problem. I made GUI, after clicking on its butto is called function with loop. I want to stop this loop by CRTL+w. Loop is working and sounds beep aftec hitting key. Who can tell me why this don't work?

Global $WyjdzPetla=0

HotKeySet ("w","_wyjscie_z_petli")

Func wewnetrzna()
    Local $czas,$plik,$x,$y
    While ($WyjdzPetla=0)
    FileWrite($plik, $czas & @CRLF)
    For $x=0 To 278 Step 1
        For $y=0 To 221 Step 1
            FileWrite($plik, $MiniMapa[$x][$y])
        FileWrite($plik, @CRLF)



Func _wyjscie_z_petli()
    $WyjdzPetla = 1
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yes, you right but none hotkey works. Alone 'a' or CRTL+a It doesn't matter :( Problem still exist.

Edit: I've just found my mistake, external program was blocking in some way all keys :mellow: Anyway, thx.

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