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FileFindFirstFile in shared files


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I have got a problem with searching files in shared files. Usually I use recursive funcions with FileFindFirstFile and FileFindNextFile. But in \\ for example FileFindFirstFile returns an error. Do you have an idea to solve this problem?

Thank you

arnonym :mellow:

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!! UNC convention!!. You never find something on \\

\\<name or ip>\<sharename or administrative share like c$\<folder>

e.g -> $search = FileFindFirstFile ("\\\c$\temp\*.tmp")

Initialize search on ipaddress in administrative share c$ in folder temp any tmp file.



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Thx for your answer 99ojo,

but I don't understand the problem.

On the "server" I shared the folder "C:\temp".

But if I try your suggestion it doesn't work.


Can you help me one more time?

Thanks for the fast reply! :mellow:


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my suggestion works only on Windows Server. For accessing administrative share, you must have administrative rights on server.

For your example:

1) Share c:\temp as Temp

2) Per default on windows server Everyone has Read Access on share, you might have a problem with your ntfs settings.

3) So your code should look like this: FileFindFirstFile("\\\temp\*.tmp")

If this doesn't work, check your share access: Start Button -> Run -> \\\temp and then press enter.

If no explorer window popups or an error occured, you have problems accessing share.

This is then a configuration problem of your share and not an autoit problem.



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this is kind of cheesey but it works everytime :mellow:

Func CheeseyFind()
    $Server = '\\\c$\Temp\'
    $Local = @TempDir
    Dim $File = $Local & '\find.txt'
    Dim $Where

    $Dir = $Server & '*.tmp'

    RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /c ' & 'dir "' & $Dir & '" /a :h /b /s' & ' > "' & $Local & '\find.txt"', '', @SW_HIDE)

    _FileReadToArray($File, $Where)

    For $x = 1 To $Where[0]
        MyFunc($Where[$x]) ; Or do what you want to do with results , in this example its called line at a time.


EndFunc   ;==>CheeseyFind
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