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hotkeysend !+^ modifiers and $vars


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Hi Ive been having trouble with a script Ive been writing and would appreciate any help.

I have been unable to set a get hotkeyset() to work with alt, ctrl or shift modifiers and keys defined in variables.

For example

Global $foo = "{f1}"

HotKeySet($foo, "_Bar")

works great, f1 press triggers the function _bar

However if I want to catch ALT + f1 the following does not work

Global $foo = "{f1}"

HotKeySet("!$foo", "_Bar")

I would like to keep the F1 hotkey in a $var so that it is tidy and easy to change down the road.

Thanks in advance :mellow:

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I was able to get it to work by defining $foo like this Global $foo = "!{F1}".

However, this works like you more intended,

Global $foo = "{F1}"
HotKeySet("{ALT}$foo", "_Bar")

EDIT: Well now I can't get it to work that way.. My eyes must've been screwin w/ me, I thought for sure it was working a minute ago..

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this works

Global $foo = "{F1}"

HotKeySet("!"&$foo, "_Bar")

while 1



Func _Bar()

MsgBox(0,"","It Works!")




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