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OnAutoItExit not getting called anymore

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What version are you running ?

maybe you upgraded and didn't read the change log?

15th January, 2010 - v3.3.4.0


Added: Ability to read and write UTF-8 files with no BOM including automatic detection during reading.

Added #682: Removed the 64KB limitation for FileReadLine()

Added: AutoIt scripts using the line continuation character "_" are no longer limited to a combined line length of 4095 characters.

Added: FileRead() returns the number of characters/bytes read in @extended.

Added #1311: MouseGetCursor() returns hand cursor.

Fixed #384: Under certain circumstances the network credentials flag would prevent the process from starting when launched with RunAs() or RunAsWait().

Fixed #1370: StringInStr() would crash with a negative occurrence and start position greater than the string length.

Fixed #1367: Calling GUIDelete() from a GUIRegisterMsg() callback that returns $GUI_RUNDEFMSG would crash AutoIt.

Fixed #1363: FileSetPos() did not work when the origin was the current position.

Fixed #1355: Regression in how unsigned numbers are displayed when returned from DllCall().

Fixed #1396: Crash in DllCallbackGetPtr() with invalid handle.

Fixed #1352: StringSplit() hard crash with binary data.

Fixed #1398: Fixed declaration of $tagPARAFORMAT2 from GuiRichEdit.au3

Removed: The "RAW" reading mode from FileOpen() has been removed.

Removed: InetGet("abort"), @InetGetActive and @InetGetBytesRead have been removed.

Removed: AdlibEnable() and AdlibDisable() have been removed.

Removed: OnAutoItStart and OnAutoItExit have been removed.

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What version are you running ?

maybe you upgraded and didn't read the change log?


I'm quite new, and of course I too didn't read the changelog. I just wanted to compile a piece of code i found. It relies on OnAutoItExit and @InetGetActive. How can i fix the code so it still works with the current version?


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