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destroying GUI ?


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Is there anyway to destroy GUI and any AVI buttons and other components it may have ?

I made small simple GUI with 3 small AVI videos (very short with no transparency color)

When i press one of the buttons, is it possible to destroy GUI and go to function ?

Why ?

Because it takes 8 MB or memory to run even if GUI is @SW_HIDE yet function i need after button is pressed is only winexist and couple of if's

thanks in advance

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GUIDelete ( [winhandle] )


winhandle [optional] Windows handle as returned by GUICreate (default is the previous used).

GDIPlusDispose - A modified version of GDIPlus that auto disposes of its own objects before shutdown of the Dll using the same function Syntax as the original.EzMySql UDF - Use MySql Databases with autoit with syntax similar to SQLite UDF.
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