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WPE Hotkeys

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Hi everyone.

Im trying to do this since a week now and running out of ideas, the thing is:

I want to find a way to turn the little "ON" button to enable/disable the filtering

witout the need of going to the wpe pro window and click, like a simple hotkey (example F5)

to turn on and off wpe.

I only tried to do this with autoit script and every thing I tried did not worked.

the most simple example of many autoit scripts I tried:

WinActivate("WPE PRO") ;this should not be needed but its added to see if worked or not
ControlClick("WPE PRO", "", "[CLASS:AfxControlBar42s;INSTANCE:4]", "left",1, 160, 15)

and lots of variants like using control ID intestead of class, and so..

For some reason that little toolbar ressist this way, the rest of controls can be clicked like that without any problem(like the main toolbar buttons, as example) but this little b1t5h wont work..

the control class is correct because I can use the autoit functions ControlHide or ControlGetPos and works fine for that one.

Does anyone know what could be wrong or any other way to do this??

too many alt tabbing produces carpal tunel

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I don't know this WPE program you are referring too, but perhaps there is a shortcut in the program itself, which you could then automate using ControlSend() to send that keystroke to the program.

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