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What to learn next?

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They mention books in that thread. Also, have you tried to write anything yet? Reading a tutorial and applying everything you learned from the tutorial can sometimes be two different things..

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Then I'm confused what you're asking for.

It seems you know and understand all the C++ basics and are ready to use it for some programming. Are you looking for assignments?

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I'm going out on a limb here, because I can't really tell, but it feels like C++ is your first programing language. If so ...

After you get all the syntax and other goodies down I'd start to look at how the more well known datatypes are implemented: hashes, binary trees, etc.

Basically, looking at these will give you an idea at how data is worked with in that language, and I've often found really clever little tricks hiding in there.

Also good to look at are learning the search/hash/etc algorithms, because they are usually full of best practices and good code.

Good luck and have fun with it :mellow:

EEPS! Almost forgot: getting familiar with the common API's will help as well (image libraries, GUI, system, etc)

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