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Value by Memory

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I need help with a thing.

im trying to get a value, the memory does not change but the value does.

i used cheat engine to get the memory i want. the adress is: 0x027B83B0

I need help with some kind of function that will read the adress and convert it to value.

not sure how that is done.

some code to show what my idea is like:

Func OpenMemory($oIE)
while 1   
$value = "0x027B83B0"
$read = MsgBox(0, "Value", $Value)

just an example. would be really thank full if somone would help me out with this :mellow:

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Some text in internet explorer.

like this:



Sometext has the memory 483749 just an example.

sometext does cahnge but memory doesnt so this could be a way getting the value.

sometimes the text may be: "hi" value is still the same.


or if there are som function that could get some spesifik text on a website. would be better :mellow:

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