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TreeView linking

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I used the search bar but didn't really find anything, how do I link text in treeview to functions?

For example, the treeview:

Sample 1
  Sample 2
  Sample 3
Sample 4
  Sample 5

And I want sample 3 to be linked to _ExampleFunction, how would I go about doing that?

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Linked how? You want it to launch _ExampleFunction() when it's clicked?

#Include <GuiTreeView.au3>

$clickedItem = _GUICtrlTreeView_HitTestItem($hWnd, $iX, $iY)

$hWnd is the handle to your treeview, $iX is the X position of the mouse cursor, $iY is the y position. You'll need to watch for clicks, for example,

GUIRegisterMsg($WM_LBUTTONDOWN, "SomethingWasClicked")

Then register a function that checks to see what was clicked, then if it was item 3, launch _ExampleFunction().

Func SomethingWasClicked()
$clickedItem = _GUICtrlTreeView_HitTestItem($hWnd, $iX, $iY)
If $clickedItem = $treeItem3 Then

You'll need to work this into your program and fill in the blanks, but that's one way of linking items. There are probably easier methods on the forum. Search for "_GUICtrlTreeView_HitTestItem"in the Examples and GUI help forums. Good luck!

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