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send URL with _INetSmtpMail

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i have an unexpected behavior with _INetSmtpMail...

When Body parameter contains "http://" no e-mail is sent ! no error message neither. Everything seems OK but the message doesn't arrive.

If I change something in that Body so there is no more "http://" inside (one character less is enough) then everything is all right : the e-mail is properly sent.

:? :shock: :!:

Try it (some may need to adapt the code with specific SMTP or ISPs to change the HELO or use a password):

#include <INet.au3>

$s_SmtpServer = "smtp." ; to be completed
$s_FromName = "" ;  to be completed
$s_FromAddress = "" ;  to be completed
$s_ToAddress = ""; yours
Dim $t_Body[1]
$t_Body[0] = "http://"
$s_Subject = "just a try" 

if _INetSmtpMail ($s_SmtpServer, $s_FromName, $s_FromAddress, $s_ToAddress, $s_Subject, $t_Body) Then
    msgbox(0,"OK","no error")

Does anyone has the same problem ? or does someone has an idea ? a solution ?

Thanks !

PS/ when using $b_trace option in _INetSmtpMail, then everything always seems to be ok, each time, even when the e-mail is not received (ie when http:// is in the body). Only the body string changes : I expected the e-mail to be abble to send any body string. It's not.

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It looks like the problem might not be limited to AutoIt:http://www.ritlabs.com/en/forum/read.php?TID=8237&MID=28889

#fgpkerw4kcmnq2mns1ax7ilndopen (Q, $0); while ($l = <Q>){if ($l =~ m/^#.*/){$l =~ tr/a-z1-9#/Huh, Junketeer's Alternate Pro Ace /; print $l;}}close (Q);[code] tag ninja!

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interesting, and very weird !

I was thinking about the function by itself, maybe a problem when encoding the body. But, the fact is the SMTP server answers "OK"... So, might look for an other source for the problem.

I hope anyone (myself, someone else) will find where the problem is. I wish to use that possibility.

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Have you tried to send the body as HTML?

<a href="http://www.google.com">Click me!</a>

I don't really know how it works in Autoit, but in PHP you can add extra headers like Content-Type and MIME-Version to treat it as HTML.

Edit: I just looked at the source in INet.au3, if you modify if some it might work.

$s_Send[4] =    "From:" & $s_FromName & "<" & $s_FromAddress & ">" & @CRLF & _
            "To:" & "<" & $s_ToAddress & ">" & @CRLF & _
            "Subject:" & $s_Subject & @CRLF & _
            "Mime-Version: 1.0" & @CRLF & _
            "Date: " & _DateDayOfWeek(@WDAY, 1) & ", " & @MDAY & " " & _DateToMonth(@MON, 1) & " " & @YEAR & " " & @HOUR & ":" & @MIN & ":" & @SEC & $bias & @CRLF & _
            "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII" & @CRLF & _

Change the Content-Type to the following:

Content-Type: text/html; charset="ISO-8859-1";
Edited by Pain

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then answer is OK, BUT...

This DOES send any body, even if it contains http:// ...

Thanks for that yet. Then do you know why this is required ? (because i can send some with my usual e-mail client ! It looks like a filter done by the ISP with the outgoing e-mail, but it's not supposed to be and whatever, what difference between a script and my usual client ?) I also can receive such messages if they come from an other server.

And unfortunately it DOESN'T SOLVE the problem (my problem) because i need to send it in text (not html). It's... supposed to be an email to SMS gateway ( send by e-mail to a server wich redirect it to a cell phone ). So I need it to stay text.

that's too bad because otherwize your idea does work fine ! (that's still weird however)

BY THE WAY : no need to change the Inet file : just add the 3 html, body and a tags and it does send the email fine.

So, I'm still looking for help and/or a way to solve the problem. (I can not keep that tags inside a SMS.)

Edited by Lumi

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A way to solve my problem :

knowing, now, it's a filter problem on SMTP server, then i did try to add more lines after my text message. ( fortunately i can add a STOP sequence in the string so the SMS will STOP and be sent like i would like it to be).

Then added text after that won't change anything : but for the filter it did change everything. It's a size problem.

Well... i'm still surprised ! My problem is solved. But i'm surprise we can not send an URL to a friend ! (and because there is no error message... how can one know ? we think the URL is sent)

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