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Skype Objects

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First, let me start by saying I HAVE searched the forums, and I HAVE found the SkypeAPI Example Script. I tried it, but the functions just hung.

Here is the script I am trying:


;// Create a Skype4COM object:
$oSkype = ObjCreate("Skype4COM.Skype")
$oSkypeEvent = ObjEvent($oSkype,"Skype_")
$oError = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error","MyErrFunc")

;// Start the Skype client:
If Not $oSkype.Client.IsRunning Then

;// Verify that a user is signed in and online before continuing
While 1
 If $oSkype.CurrentUserStatus = $oSkype.Convert.TextToUserStatus("ONLINE") Then

This does not work for me. I wanted to know if:

anyone else has any problems

I'm doing it wrong

anyone has a solution

I'm willing to work for this. I don't want anyone to write it for me unless they have a working example they are willing to share.

And yes, this is someone else's example. I simply put #RequireAdmin at the top because I wasn't sure if it made a difference.


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