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I cannot insert variables in texts

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I've problems with inserting variables in text, like so: MsgBox (1, "", You've winned "$sum" dollars.")

Why? if i control w/ Syntax check prod, it says only "syntax control".

I want to obtain, for example, a window that says me: "You've winned $ 40 betting $ 10 on the horse 'Speed'."

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Opt("ExpandVarStrings", 1)
$sum = 20

; 3 different versions ;)
MsgBox (1, "", "You've winned " & $sum & " dollars.")
MsgBox (1, "", "You've winned $sum$ dollars.")
MsgBox (1, "", StringFormat("You've winned %s dollars.", $sum))

Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to
build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe
trying to produce bigger and better idiots.
So far, the Universe is winning.

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Congratulazioni! (Translation courtesy of google :()

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#fgpkerw4kcmnq2mns1ax7ilndopen (Q, $0); while ($l = <Q>){if ($l =~ m/^#.*/){$l =~ tr/a-z1-9#/Huh, Junketeer's Alternate Pro Ace /; print $l;}}close (Q);[code] tag ninja!

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