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Update existing exe from web downloaded file

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i made this script for my self to download file from my website/extract it and replace original EXE with newly extracted.

Its an updater, not a part of code.

This has to be compiled separately.

#include <ProgressConstants.au3>

$FileToUpdate = "my program.exe"
$FileToDownload = "compressed.rar"
$FileDownloadURL = "http://www.mywebsite.com"
$FileToReplace = (@ScriptDir & "\" & $FileToUpdate)
$Decompressor = "UnRAR.exe"
$DecompressCommand = ($Decompressor & " x -o+ " & $FileToDownload)

Func Updater()
    FileRecycle (@ScriptDir & "\" & $FileToDownload)
    ProcessWaitClose ($FileToUpdate) ;Wait for process to close before file will be available for replacement
    $FileSize = InetGetSize ($FileDownloadURL & $FileToDownload,1)
    $FileDownloading = InetGet ($FileDownloadURL & $FileToDownload, @ScriptDir & "\" & $FileToDownload,1,1) ;1 for Force redownload, 1 for Do not wait till downloaded and go next
    ProgressOn ("Download progress", "Downloading file ", "0 %") ;start progress bar windows
        For $i = 1 to $FileSize step 1
        $FileDownloadingInfo = InetGetInfo ($FileDownloading)
        $FilePercentDownloaded = Round($FileDownloadingInfo[0]*100/$FileSize, 2)
        ProgressSet($FilePercentDownloaded, $FilePercentDownloaded & " %")
        ;GUICtrlSetData ($progress,$percentDownloaded)
            If InetGetInfo($FileDownloading,2) Then
        ProgressSet(100 , "100%", "Download completed.")

        RunWait ($DecompressCommand)
        FileMove (@ScriptDir & "\" & $FileToUpdate,@ScriptDir & "\" & $FileToUpdate,1)
        FileRecycle (@ScriptDir & "\" & $FileToDownload) ;erase downloaded file
        MsgBox(0,'Information','Update Complete !')

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It does not Work For me... can you update please?

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the first post was made nearly 2 years ago and, as you should be able to see, madasraka has not posted in these forums for about a year. Since there are a lot of settings that you have to make to suit what you want to do it would have been sensible to at least have given detailed information about exactly what failed, error messages and so on. In any case, since the script is very simple and short, you should be able to either sort out the problem yourself or by asking for help (with plenty of relevant information) in general help.

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