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Open Outlook Email Attachment

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I need to be able to open the file attachment in an email, but I cant figure out how to do it. Using the following code, I am able to count the number of attachments (in this case there is only 1 file) and then display the name of the attachment(s), but I cant open the attachment. I have removed allot of stuff not pertaining to the email attachment portion of my code, but bascially the below code loops through a mailbox and as long as there is an item in the inbox, it analyzes the email.

Can anyone help me?

$g_oOutlook = ObjCreate("Outlook.Application")
$oOutlook = ObjCreate("Redemption.RDOSession")
$ns = $g_oOutlook.GetNameSpace("MAPI")

$oFolder = $oOutlook.getfolderfrompath("\\Mailbox - CAR/TN Reporting\Inbox")
$mInbox = $oFolder.Items
$Items = $mInbox.count
$StartCount = $Items

    $Items = $mInbox.count
    ;Msgbox(0,"TOTAL EMAILS: ", "Items in Inbox: " & $Items)

    For $Item = $Items to 1 step -1
        $EmailCategory = ""
        $CategoryFlag = ""
        $message = $mInbox.item($Item)
        $mSubject = $message.subject
        ;Msgbox(0,"Email Subject",$mSubject)

        $Number_of_Attachments = $message.Attachments.count
        ;MsgBox(0, "Autoit:", "The count of file attachments is: " & $Number_of_Attachments)

        ;Email Category Trigger #2 - REPORT_Audits
        If $CategoryFlag = 1 Then
            If StringInStr($mSubject, "Audit Res") >= 1 and $Number_of_Attachments >=1 Then
                    For $att in $message.Attachments
                      MsgBox(0, "Search result:", "The attachment file name is: " & $att.filename)
                      FileOpen($att, 0)
                $EmailCategory = "REPORT_Audits"
                $CategoryFlag = 1
                $CategoryFlag = 0
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I believe your understanding of FileOpen is limited. FileOpen will open the file for either reading or writing. I believe you want to run it, so Run ($att) or ShellExecute ($att) should do the trick.



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There is a saveasfile method :


You can save the attachment and then Shellexecute it.

After you are finished you can close and delete it.

This is what outlook do in general - when you double click attachment it saves it in the temporary outlook directory and then

open it with the default program for that extension

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