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[Solved]Custom Cursor For ControlID

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Hi to all Great Auto IT commnunity.

Some days ago i searched on forum about custom Cursor For GUI and i found it(sorry i didnt remember URL).

It works like Charm.(Thanks to author)

BTW i have another question.

Is it Possible use some .cur or .ani cursor for controlID`s?

For example for list view or for Editbox and etc.

Here is For GUI it works cool(But for CONTROLIDs it didn`t work)

So My question is it possible use Custom Cursors(not system standart cursors) for CONTROLID`S?

Thanks in advance.

#include <GuiConstants.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>

$Gui = GuiCreate("Test", 300, 200,750)


$Cur = DllCall("user32.dll", "int", "LoadCursorFromFile", "str",@ScriptDir&"\11.ani")
if @error Then MsgBox(0,"dd","whoopsie!")

While 1
    $Msg = GUIGetMsg(1)
    Case $Msg[0] = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

Func WM_SETCURSOR($hWnd, $iMsg, $iWParam, $iLParam)
    If $hWnd = $Gui Then
    DllCall("user32.dll", "int", "SetCursor", "int", $Cur[0])
    Return 0

11.7z (Cursor)

Edited by Sh3llC043r

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It should be possible to do that with GUICtrlSetOnHover UDF.

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Thank you very much Andreik.

I will check it.

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