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Export ProcessList() to notepad.

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so I want to make a easy script that checks all running proces and puts them in a .txt file.

I start of with checking how.

$list = ProcessList()
for $i = 1 to $list[0][0]
  msgbox(0, $list[$i][0], $list[$i][1])

Autoit gives me this. It shows all proces in a msg.

The problem with this for me is the $list[0][0], $list[$i][0], $list[$i][1] i don't realy get that.

So i made this.

$Proces = ProcessList()
    $a = GUICtrlRead($Proces)                           
    $file1 = FileOpen("proces.txt", 1)              
    FileWriteLine($file1, $a)                           

Bad thing is it keeps droping a 0 in the textfile idk why.

I thought it might drop 1 all processes or atleast one but a 0 why/how?

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