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draggable shapes

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I see that its possible to drag images and listview items. But is it possible to create a simple shapes like squares, rectangles and circles and make them dragable within a gui? (trying to avoid the clutter of image files)

then i can save the coordinates of each item and refer to them later

i am trying to create a workspace designer which can be saved then later refered to

thanks =)

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Might be an idea to refer to the inner workings of CyberSlug's GUIBuilder. It may be old, but it most likely what you're after.

TheSaint has an updated version that can be found here:




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I did similar project in my work in other programming language but principles are the same no matter of programming language and it uses mainly Win32 API calls anyway.

In my project I draw on label control rectangles (and other stuff like axis etc) representing orders from database, it has different colors based on state of order and many other information drew on it.

The princip of dragging is that I can calculate order number from mouse coordinates because it has rectangle shape and in case of mouse_down event I do painting of that order around mouse pointer until mouse is released.

I use inner bitmap with all orders painted on it and in wm_paint event I do BitBlt from inner bitmap (DC) to label (its DC).

In fact I do also horizontal/vertical scrolling myself so I use more helper inner bitmaps and ScrollDC API calls on them according H/V scrollbar position. See attached screenshot.


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