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Ok, I do realize this is probably the dumbest post ever posted... but how do i find out the controlID of an item (in this case, a button)

I've searched the forums, and it always says something about the value being returned or given, WHERE??

Does it say somewhere.

I do know i can use the autoit windows tool, but I'm 100% positive theres another proper way.

Where is the controlID returned.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Actually I may be wrong, is the window info tool the only way.. after reading another post...

EDIT Again: I am creating my own gui, not automating anything else.

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What do you mean "Returns the control id"

Where does it return....??

Please help

GuiCreate("Test 123",351,268,452,322)
$button1=GuiCtrlCreateButton("Begin Test",97,141,152,96)

While 1
If $msg=-3 Then Exit
If $msg=$button1 Then button1()

Func button1()
    msgbox (0,"test successful","TEST123ABC")

How do I find out the control id of $button1

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the value held in the variable $button1 is the control id in your code

in the example i posed it would be help in $hControlID

$button1 = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Begin Test",97,141,152,96)

^ holds the controlid

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For the purpose of completeness, this is another way for any button.

Local $aDLL = DllCall('User32.dll', 'int', 'GetDlgCtrlID', 'hwnd', $controlHandle) ; get the ID of the control

Where $controlHandle is the handle of the control.

This is the same as the _WinAPI_GetDlgCtrlID() funciton in AutoIt. I copy from the help file

Local $button
$button = GUICtrlCreateButton("testing", 0, 0)
MsgBox(4096, "ID", "Dialog Control ID: " & _WinAPI_GetDlgCtrlID(GUICtrlGetHandle($button)))
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