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i suppose you haven't have an excel object. See helpfile _ExcelBookOpen() or _ExcelBookAttach().

This must be before $oExcel.ActiveWorkBook....

$oExcel = _ExcelBookOpen ("<fullpath to excelworkbook>") ; or your sheet is in ScriptDir
;$oExcel = _ExcelBookOpen ("workbookname.xls")
;cleaning contents of 1.st sheet in workbook
$sheet = 1 ;can be sheet number or name
$oExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets($sheet).Select ()



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I assume too much :( thanks 99ojo.

@AnuReddy: Don't forget to finish with:


Otherwise your changes won't be saved, or excel will keep running in the background.

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$oExcel = ExcelAttach($path)


This is working fine for a particular active sheet but if i a particular sheet to be identified by name and then clear the contents its not working fine

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