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Download stops at 64 files?

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I'm trying to get all Jim Cramer's followers but for some reason my download stops at 64 files

Is that Twitter limitation or AutoIt?

#include <array.au3>

Func DownloadXML()


while 1

   ;MsgBox(0,"dsdsds",$sFileName &" index:"&$indx1);
   if StringLen($indx1)<3 Then
       for $Indx2=1 to 3- StringLen($indx1)

   $hDownload=InetGet($MyXMLLink, $sFileName, 1, 1)

Until InetGetInfo($hDownload, 2)

   ; Get next $next_cursor
    If FileExists($sFileName) Then
        $DataFile = FileOpen($sFileName, 0)


if $next_cursor="0" or $next_cursor="" then ExitLoop;

MsgBox(0,"Finished","Followers Download is done!",5);
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Hi tobject,

From what I can see it would be either;

  • A limitation of your script
  • A limitation of the user specifically

It shouldn't be twitter until about 3200 which is their limit. More likely you have made a mistake somewhere in your script.



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Looks like something weird with InetGet

if my CPU is working hard InetGet drops some files and even stops

I just Explorer/Copy some files during InetGet and got bunch of missed files in downloads

I don't think I use timeout?!

Edited by tobject
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