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.ini file remember/find

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I have a question and I cant find the awnser.

Here you see a part of my script, you must select a file and then a part of the path will be replaced by: SroTool.ini

And then the SroTool.ini file will be saved in the map where you have selected the file: hook.exe from.

Normally I put the file here: "C:\Windows\config.ini" but not everyone have this map.

So my problem is:

If I open the tool at another time how must I let the script know where the SroTool.ini file is?

If there isn't a solution for it, maby someone can reply another good solution to solve the problem in some kind of way?

Here is a part of my working script:

Func selecthookButton()
      $bericht = "Select the hook.exe file"
      $pad = FileOpenDialog($bericht, @WindowsDir & "\", "Hook (*.exe;)", 1 + 4 )
      $configfile = StringReplace($pad, "Hook.exe", "SroTool.ini")
      IniWrite($configfile, "Filepaths", "Hook.exe", $pad)
      GUICtrlSetData($padhook, $pad)



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You can use relative paths for the ini file, or store it in application directory (@AppDataDir) where it's supposed to go.

If you want to put the ini in the same directory as in, then don't specify a path at all: IniWrite("SroTool.ini", ... etc

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Thanks Now it works :(

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