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Never done this before.

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Ok I have never done a script before and I am having trouble making heads or tails out of the program. I was hoping someone could give me a bit of a walk through to get what I wanted. If you do please try and give me detailed step by step information lol I honestly have no idea what I am doing with this.

That said I was wanting to get an executable script that will activate my RIGHT mouse button over and over again on a 12 second delay. That and a way to turn it off with say some other keystroke.

If you can help me make this that would be great.

Thanks much.

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Welcome to the forums banecrow.

Your question is in no way unique. With a bit of work on your behalf you could search for what you need. But it's Easter so I'm feeling nice or something. I like chocolate...

You want to look for:



While Loops

Hotkey Set


Also if you are new I recommend you look at both my tutorial and AutoIt 1-2-3, both in my Sig.



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