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Help with reading path and stringreplace

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#Include <File.au3>
#Include <Array.au3>

$Path = @ScriptDir
$Folders=_FileListToArray($Path, '*', 2)

$company = InputBox("Robocopy Maker", "Company Name?", "", " M")
$drive_pre = InputBox("Robocopy Maker", "Destination Drive Letter?", "", " M1")
$destinationdrive = StringUpper($drive_pre)
$File = $company & ".bat"

; Remove drive letter from Path
$workingpath = StringTrimLeft($Path, 1)
; Combine to form new destination directory
$destinationpath = $destinationdrive & $workingpath

; Error checking
If @Error=1 Then
    MsgBox (0,"Error","No Files\Folders Found.")

; Trim folder count from array
$count = "0"
_ArrayDelete($Folders, $count)

; Pre and Post commands
$pre = "start robocopy "
$post = " /E /DCOPY:T"
For $i = 0 to UBound($Folders) -1
    $Folders[$i] = $pre & '"' & $Path & "\" & $Folders[$i] & '" "' & $destinationpath & "\" & $Folders[$i] & '"' & $post

_FileWriteFromArray($File, $Folders)

; Display results
Run("notepad.exe " & $File)

I am wanting to read the $workingpath as a string and if the path contains a "%" character anywhere in the path, then I want to do a stringreplace and change the single % into a double %% (weird robocopy issue that needs two %'s to actually pass a % as a character and not a variable)

I am wondering how I can read and modify the string while it is working inside the arrays. I don't really understand arrays too well.

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