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Exchange server rules

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how can I read the rules from exchange server in autoit? I have a domain with active directory with mail object. I query it with ldap. What are attributes for a rule that forward mail to another user?

Sorry for my english.


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Did a quick translation of something I found on Google.

#include <date.au3>

Const $ACTION_MOVE = 1
Const $CdoPR_SUBJECT = 0x37001E
Const $IGNORECASE = 0x10000

$objRules = ObjCreate("MSExchange.Rules")
$objRule = ObjCreate("MSExchange.Rule")
$objPropVal = ObjCreate("MSExchange.PropertyValue")
$objAction = ObjCreate("MSExchange.Action")
$objContCond = ObjCreate("MSExchange.ContentCondition")
$objSession = ObjCreate("MAPI.Session")

$strProfile = "MailServer" & @LF & "MailboxAlias"
$objSession.Logon("",Default,Default, 0,Default, 1, $strProfile)
$objInbox = $objSession.Inbox

$CdoInfoStore = $objSession.GetInfoStore
$CdoFolderRoot = $CdoInfoStore.RootFolder
$CdoFolders = $CdoFolderRoot.Folders

$bFound = 0
$CdoFolder = $CdoFolders.GetFirst

    If $CdoFolder.Name = "Junk E-mail" Then
        $bFound = 1
        $CdoFolder = $CdoFolders.GetNext

    $ActionFolder = $CdoFolder

    $objRules.Folder = $objInbox
    $objPropVal.Tag = $CdoPR_SUBJECT
    $objPropVal.Value = "SPAM:"
    $objContCond.Value = $objPropVal
    $objContCond.PropertyType = $CdoPR_SUBJECT
    $objContCond.Operator = 1 + $IGNORECASE
    $objAction.ActionType = $ACTION_MOVE
    $objAction.Arg = $ActionFolder
    $objRule.Name = "Move rule for Spam Tagging"
    $objRule.Condition = $objContCond
    $objRule.Actions.Add(, $objAction)
    $objRules.add(, $objRule)
While (Not $bFound) And Not ($CdoFolder = "")

Not tested of course



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Thanks for your answer and Im' sorry for my delay. Your script work for logged store mail with user and password. I'm trying to read the rules through Redemption.RDOSession object without logging.

Many thanks

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