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Problem with buffers

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I have some packages who setup with autoIT.

Individually, each of these installations works perfectly.

The problem is when we want to chain installations.

There, randomly (or at least we don't have better explanations) some package installation stop suddently, in wait of an event.

It does not arrive when we install the package alone.

Rightly or wrongly, I think that it has to stay in buffers systems events which were not acquitted.

In every case, my question is the following one : is there a command which would allow to clear the keyboard buffer or others buffers systems link to my problem ?

Thank you

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Define your terms. What does "...in wait of an event" mean? What does that look like, or how did you determine it was "in wait of an event"?


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I think that an example is better :


Here my script wait a window with the title "TITLE" and with the subtitle "SUBTITLE".

When this condition is valid, AutoIT send "AAA".

I have several instructions like this one in each script.

And sometimes, when I chain several scripts, one of my scripts (sometimes more) failled and stop on a similar instruction...

I note that the titles are all different in my scripts.

I think that a buffer can be the problem (keyboard buffer ?).

Any idea ?

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$sTitle = "SomeTitle"
$sSubTitle = "SomeSubTitle"
$iTimeout = 30 ; time in seconds to wait for window to become active

If WinWaitActive( $sTitle, $sSubTitle, $iTimeout) Then
    ; any other things you want to happen if win does become active
    ; what you want to do if win does not become active after $iTimeout
    MsgBox(0,"Warning !","Window " & $sTitle & " never became active")

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