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Question About WinWaitActive

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Here is my question:

I have been working with installing & running programs using a combination of Winwaitactive, and Controlclick.

The problem I am seeing is if I have a Fork in the road (IE. I have more than one possible window that could become active) depending on what the results of my application is.

Is there a way to make a control statement for winwaitactive?

For Example: Note this code has not been checked for syntax

If winwaitactive("Application Run","Scan Results - Good") Then
Do the following


If winwaitactive("Application Run","Scan Results - Bad") Then

Do the following


I just need to figure out a way to control the winwaitactives based on possibly different windows that may pop up at a given time based on program execution.

thanks everyone :(

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What you would have to do next is something along these lines:

Local $NewWindow = WinWaitActive ("Application Run","Scan Results", $someTimeout)
If Not $NewWindow Then
    <Do something to let yourself know it timed out>

Local $textToCheck = WinGetText ($NewWindow)

If StringInStr ($textToCheck, "Good") Then

If there is no common text between the windows, this post might help.

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