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AYTU- AutoIt Youtube Uploader

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AYTU- AutoIt Youtube Uploader

V1.0.0.1- 9 APR 2010


This is a simple uploader designed to make uploading Youtube videos much easier. It uses the freely available Youtube API to upload your videos.

AYTU is not open source and source will not be provided. Credit goes to MiserableLife for providing the missing link to why my previous attempts at uploading to Youtube via their API always failed.

Definite ToDo:

  • Allow of direct recording of Webcam then uploading.
  • Allow command line
  • Implement a queuing system for uploads
Possible ToDo:

  • Photo slide shows
  • Video Conversion

Comments and Criticism welcome.



Edited by BrettF

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Good program! Very useful but i think it'll be better if you release the source.

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