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hi, im able to look for an active window but how would i be able to check and see if a window has closed meaning there is no active window then msgbox "there is no active window" thanks in advance

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check if a window does not exist by using.

If Not WinExists ( "title" [, "text"] ) Then


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If the window is not active does not mean that it does not exist. So perhaps WinGetState() may help you.

Here is an example of WinGetState()

; use notepad as an example
$pid = Run('Notepad')
If WinWait('Untitled', '', 5) Then
    While 1
        ; output window state to output pane of editor
        ConsoleWrite(_IsWinState('Untitled') & @CRLF)
        ; if error then window not exists or just use WinExists() instead
        If _IsWinState('Untitled') And @error Then
            SplashTextOn(@ScriptName, 'Window not exists', Default, 80)
        ; check if visible and not active and message if true
        If _IsWinState('Untitled', '', 'visible') And Not _IsWinState('Untitled', '', 'active') Then
            SplashTextOn(@ScriptName, 'Window is visible and not active', Default, 80)

Func _IsWinState($title, $text = '', $state_check = '')
    Local $winstate, $state_add = '|'
    If $state_check Then $state_check = '|' & $state_check & '|'
    ; get the state of window
    $winstate = WinGetState($title, $text)
    If @error Then Return SetError(1, 0, '|error|')
    ; collect window state information
    If BitAND($winstate, 32) Then $state_add &= 'maximized|'
    If BitAND($winstate, 16) Then $state_add &= 'minimized|'
    If BitAND($winstate, 8) Then $state_add &= 'active|'
    If BitAND($winstate, 4) Then $state_add &= 'enabled|'
    If BitAND($winstate, 2) Then $state_add &= 'visible|'
    If BitAND($winstate, 1) Then $state_add &= 'exists|'
    ; just return the delimited string if not $state_check
    If Not $state_check Then Return $state_add
    ; return true if state is in the delimited string
    If StringInStr($state_add, $state_check) Then Return True
    Return ''

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