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Timer on function

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So if managed to get a new problem.

I have 2 functions. The thing I want to do with these 2 functions is that function 1 runs for 5minutes and then function 2 will run one time. I want to have this looped.

Someone told me about this:

$timer = TimerInit()
if(TimerDiff($timer) >= 300000)  then F2()

But first of all i think this is good but i can't put it in my code. Tried much ways.

Lets say func1 is

Func F1()
MouseClick ("Left",1,211) 
sleep (5000)

And func2 is

Func F2()
send ("{ENTER}")    
MouseClick ("left", 22,239,3)

The first code keeps telling me that it needs a wend or that the endfunc is placed wrong.

Idk what it is...

Thnx for your help.

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You could just use something like this:

$Timedif = 300 ;difference in seconds
$Timer = TimerInit()
While 1 
    If (TimerDiff($Timer)/1000) < $Timedif Then
        $Timer = TimerInit()

Talking about your code you are missing Wend (While ... Wend) and you are missing new TimerInit(), that means after first F2 work there would be always more time then 5mins and first it would work good, later it would just do F2 function.

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