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Text commands

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me do a start script if see text (any text)

as example..:

if i type " open AIM "

it would trigger the start script for opening aim when it sees any text that says: " open aim "

wondering is this possible? and if someone could show me an example of one? thank you!

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Welcome to the forums AlvinHu1991,

To start I would look at a simple loop using ProcessExists ( "process" ). If it exists, do what you need to do.

Just a note, no one will write the code for you. Everything you need is in the helpfile. If you are new to it check out my tutorial and AutoIt 1-2-3 (links for both are in my sig.)

If you can't work it out, post what you've come up with and we can help you from there.



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