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ProgressBar Without Value


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Hello. First of all, Sorry for my bad language. I searched a lot but i did'nt find a solution for my problem, maybe because i don't know the real designation for what i'm searching.

I want to do a progressbar like in Windows 7 to wait, without value like in the picture beside.

Posted Image

It could be easy to do this with a gif and gdi+ but i would to integrate with seven and i think its possible to use some dlls or others to make this.

Just like Windows, i need to wait 10 secs before the real progress to start.

Thanks a lot.

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After some searchs i wrote this but its very ugly

$GUI = GUICreate("Installer", 400, 163)
DllCall("uxtheme.dll", "none", "SetThemeAppProperties", "int", 0)
Local Const $PBS_MARQUEE = 0x08
Local $Progress1 = GUICtrlCreateProgress(10, 1, 378, 20, $PBS_MARQUEE)
_GUICtrlSetMarqueeProgress($Progress1, 1, 100)
_GUICtrlSetMarqueeProgress($Progress1, 0)

Func _GUICtrlSetMarqueeProgress($h_Progress, $f_Mode = 1, $i_Time = 100)
    Local Const $WM_USER = 0x0400
    Local Const $PBM_SETMARQUEE = ($WM_USER + 10)

    Local $var = GUICtrlSendMsg($h_Progress, $PBM_SETMARQUEE, $f_Mode, Number($i_Time))
    If $var = 0 Then
        Return 0
        Return $var
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SetThemeAppProperties is not required for the default theme. Only unsigned themes do not support marquee, but i can't see the reason

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