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Few Questions: Basic

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I got few Questions.

1:Can I use a line that does two things at same?

Example: Hold Ctrl + left click Or Shift + A

2:The Send("{LCTRL down}") works but stays like that even when i put ("{LCTRL Up}") or normal Send("{LCTRL}") How do i fix this?

3:How do i make the AutoIt use the res of the window i am using then overall res of my computer?

Example: When i use AutIt info to find the position of my mouse. It gives me overall of my whole computer res then the res of the window i am using and if i move it from where i got cords, it hits everything wrong unless i put it back where Cords are.(how do i fix that?)

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1. Please read the help file for Send(). An example is Send("+a").

2. Please view the FAQ by visiting the sticky at the top of this forum. You can find the answer there.

3. It is probably easier to use the Control* functions in conjunction with the AutoIt Window Info Tool (to get control handles and the like). This is another topic found in the FAQ.

What are you attempting to automate?



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