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how to right click a file name and choose Print from the popup menu

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I am using Selenium to do web testing, but Selenium cannot handle windows popups, which Autoit is good at it. So I want Selenium to call Autoit to handle this problem.

My scenario is like this: I need to search for a file in a folder, after the file is found, right click it and choose Print to print it out. That is all I need to do. Can anybody give me a quick answer? (I know I can learn Autoti from scratch, and I will).



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Hi Eric2010.

First of all, welcome to the forums!

Is there any reason why AutoIt can't do the whole task? AutoIt has great capabilities for doing automated testing and the like.

To answer your questions:

To find the file you should be able to use FileFind* functions to find a file.

To open the file for printing, you can use:


Give something like that a go and if you still need help, post your code and see what happens :(



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