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From here. (10th June, 2008) (Beta)

Some more big speed improvements, especially with strings, and:


- Added: New flag for StringSplit() to not return the count in element 0.

- Fixed #358: Install dir documentation cleaned up (thanks Zedna).

- Fixed #355: Child not visible beta regression. (Thanks Ultima)

- Fixed #366: AutoIt crash on bad syntax.

- Fixed #360: RunAs() under Windows 2000.

- Fixed #367: STDIO functions in compiled scripts work again.

- Removed #357: @AutoItUnicode macro.

@AutoItUnicode is no longer a macro in AutoIt.

You need to delete this ex-macro from your script.

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The script needs correction without using @AutoItUnicode. Just removing it may leave an out dated unworkable script. I assume it is not yours? So is this an include someone created which they can fix? or something that we can help with?

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