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and or

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how do you do an or statement?

i would need to put firefox.exe in this line because i would like my script to run if either iexplore or firefox are opened.

If ProcessExists("iexplore.exe")


is it possible to do this instead?

(iexplore or firefox) or (iexplore && firefox)


While 1

If ProcessExists("iexplore.exe") Then

ShellExecute("C:\Program Files\Project1\Sticky Me 1.5.0.exe")



If ProcessExists("Sticky Me 1.5.0.exe") then




and yes.. I openly admit Im new at this.

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1. Get new glasses, This is not a general support forum!

2. Like this:

If ProcessExists("iexplore.exe") Or ProcessExists("firefox") Then

Edit: I have reported you, so hopefully this will be moved.

Edited by AdmiralAlkex

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