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Listen on port TCP


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I wanted to listen to an port, like msn port 1863.

I tried to use TCP listen, accept, port scan etc. I can not get it working.

When i try to use tcp resv i got the erorr 0. Or i thought 10061.

Could you please help me to got the listen working.

Kind regards., Erik



;SERVER!! Start Me First !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
$g_IP = ""

; Start The TCP Services

; Create a Listening "SOCKET"
$MainSocket = TCPListen($g_IP, 1863,  100 )
If $MainSocket = -1 Then Exit

It looks like that TCP accept gives the error, for example the program wireshark that can also listen to the ports.

I already found out to use wincap.

Edited by Erik.

I little problem, hard to find and fix

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Try this code:

$SERVER = TCPListen("",1863)
If @error Then

While True
        $SOCKET = TCPAccept($SERVER)
    Until $SOCKET <> -1
    TrayTip("Connected","Someone connect to server.",3)
    While True
        $RECV = TCPRecv($SOCKET,512)
        If $RECV = "Hello" Then TCPSend($SOCKET,"The server receive your message.")

You just use an universal client to connect and say Hello to server and if server started correctly should work.

When the words fail... music speaks.

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I understand.

What i am trying is to make an package sniffer so i can see all packages that are coming in on a port.

Is this the correct way or do i need to find another way to do that?

I little problem, hard to find and fix

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