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Function returning always empty strings

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Sorry to post again, but I don't get why i have this problem and honestly i didn't even know what to search in the forum. I looked a few posts but no helpful posts found.

I made this function for a little game I am making.

This function is based on 2 arrays:

Dim $IncidenteLieve[5]

Dim $IncidenteGrave[5]

which should contain some accidents which could randomly happen during the game, The accidents are now shortened in 2g,4g,2l and so on, The blank spaces means you will not have any accident.

The function works like this. A first random number generator generate a number between 1 and 3.

If number is 1 a Light accident may happen. A random number generator pick a number and if this number corresponds to a blank string, you won't have any accident, but if you get a non empty string you will get into that accident (example 2l correspond to a accident, "" is any accident)

If number is 2 it's the same as 1 but with a grevious accident.

If number is 3 you get away with nothing.

At the end i added a while loop to test in about 20 draws, how much the randomness is. So i may get a msgbox wit 2l, some empty ones and so.

But it always returns an empty msgbox, like the string returned is always empty.... Why?

Here's the code: (I shortened a lot arrays which would contain more than 50 accidents each)

Dim $IncidenteLieve[5]
Dim $IncidenteGrave[5]
Dim $IncidenteScelto=""
Func EventSelector()
    Local $SeIncidente = Random(1, 3, 1)
        Case $SeIncidente = 1
            Local $SelettoreIncidLieve = Random(0, 5, 1)
            If $IncidenteLieve[$SelettoreIncidLieve]=False Then
                Return $IncidenteScelto
                Return $IncidenteScelto=$IncidenteLieve[$SelettoreIncidLieve]
        Case $SeIncidente = 2
            Local $SelettoreIncidGrave = Random(0, 5, 1)
            If $IncidenteGrave[$SelettoreIncidGrave]=False Then
                Return $IncidenteScelto
                Return $IncidenteScelto=$IncidenteGrave[$SelettoreIncidGrave]
        Case $SeIncidente = 3
            Return $IncidenteScelto
For $z=1 to 20

To verify if the string it's empty I put If $z[x]=False Then, But also putting If $z[x]="" it's useless....

Why this?

Other question. Is the code fine for you? Would you had written different/better?


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Equivalent code:

Global $IncidenteLieve[5] = ["", "2l", "", "4l", "5l"]
Global $IncidenteGrave[5] = ["", "2g", "", "4g", "5g"]

Func EventSelector()
    Switch Random(1, 3, 1)
    Case 1
    Return $IncidenteLieve[Random(0, UBound($IncidenteLieve) - 1, 1)]
    Case 2
            Return $IncidenteGrave[Random(0, UBound($IncidenteGrave) - 1, 1)]
    Case 3
            Return ""

For $z = 1 To 20
    MsgBox(0, "Incidente", EventSelector())

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