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[SOLVED] Changing icons of non-GUI windows

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Hey there,

Thanks for reading :idea:

This is my script so far: (credit to trancexx, who posted it somewhere else before)

_GUISetIcon(WinGetHandle("[ACTIVE]", ""), "don't", "care") ; name, not ordinal value

Func _GUISetIcon($hGui, $sModule, $iName) ; for loaded modules in this shape
    $a_hCall = DllCall("user32.dll", "hwnd", "LoadImage", _
            "hwnd", 0, _
            "str", $iName, _
            "dword", 1, _ ; IMAGE_ICON
            "int", 32, _ ;32
            "int", 32, _ ;32
            "dword", 0x10) ; LR_DEFAULTCOLOR

    Local $hIcon = $a_hCall[0]

    DllCall("user32.dll", "hwnd", "SendMessage", _
            "hwnd", $hGui, _
            "dword", 0x0080, _ ; WM_SETICON
            "dword", 0x1, _ ; 1 = ICON_BIG, 0 = ICON_SMALL
            "ptr", $hIcon)

EndFunc   ;==>_GUISetIcon

I've checked, the first function gives a handle, what I've managed to get done (by playing around with dword 0x0, iconbig/iconsmall, and the sizes from loadimage) is to change the icon at the top left of a window, which then few seconds later vanishes, aswell as the alt-tab icon vanishing completely, and the icon permanentely changed in the taskbar.

What I'm trying to do is the alt-tab icon, the rest don't matter to me...

I know this is not strictly an autoit problem, but maybe someone has an idea anyhow?

Thanks alot for reading and any answers :)

Kind regards,


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Might want to add that I tried this on a Windows 7 64 bit, and a Windows XP 32 bit, the difference was that on windows xp the alt-tab icon didn't vanish.

Oh, and if anyone has a different reliable method of changing the alt-tab icon to something else, please do let me know.

Thanks :idea:

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The solution is so damn simple it hurts...

The icon only stays changed while the script is running, a simple while + sleep loop makes it all work :idea:

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