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AI Refresh Tool (Mouse Click or F5) ???

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Hi guys, im new to auto-it and was wondering if there are any snipper or examples of such a tool that will automate the {F5} keystroke on a certain interval to avoid my work computer locking after 5 minutes (I.T. won't change this but will allow such a tool on my Home Drive) alternatively something that clicks every interval.

I tried in batch with ping and {F5} but did not work that well and the I.T. department was not happy about it as its more hackish.

Thanks guys,

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This will press F5 every 5 mins (You can change the mins to anything from 2 to 60 mins - Don't use 1 min, this program wont work like that)

$mins = 5 ;press every 5 mins
$pressed = 0

while 1
    $nowmin = @MIN
    if $nowmin = 0 then $nowmin = 60
    if mod($nowmin,$mins) = 0 and $pressed = 0 Then
        $pressed = 1
    Elseif mod($nowmin,$mins) <> 0 and $pressed = 1 then
        $pressed = 0
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Timer code to modify as needed: Autoit Wrappers - AutoIt Forums - Page 7

Action can be with Send.

To loop it shouldn't be to hard to figure out.. Language Reference - Loops Statements, ask if you have troubles.

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