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WinPcap AutoIt _FindDevice()

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;Author: Splash
;Web: http://meadiciona.com.br/cemim

;#include <Process.au3>
;#include "Winpcap.au3"

;Try to find a device with internet connection avaliable.


;Return Value
;Sucess: Device number.
;Error: False.

Func _FindDevice()
    $device_number = 0
    $connection = False
    $pcap = _PcapSetup()
    $devices = _PcapGetDeviceList()

    While $connection == False and $device_number < Ubound($devices)
        $capture = _PcapStartCapture($devices[$device_number][0], "icmp and dst host google.com", 1, 65536, 524288, 0)
        _RunDos("ping google.com")
        $packet = _PcapGetPacket($capture)

        If IsArray($packet) Then
            If ($packet[2] > 0) Then
                $connection = True
                Return $device_number

        $device_number = $device_number + 1

    Return False

You can get WinPcap Autoit UDF here:



Edited by Splash

Automatic Update UDF - IP Address UDF - WinPcap AutoIt _FindDevice()[font="Verdana"][size="2"]AutoIt Spanish/Brasil/World community!!![/size][/font]Use you wanna a dot.tk domain please use my link:

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I don't think he made the UDF, he just came up with a neat way of finding an active network device using the WinPcap UDF. This could come in handy if you wanted your program to wait till an Internet connection was available, for example.

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Nossa! Estava realmente precisando disto Splash! :idea:

Depois testarei. Por enquanto, muito obrigado! :(


Thanks! :)

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