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_ClipPutFile() @error=9

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Success: True

Failure: False and set @error

@error: 1 - Unable to Open Clipboard

2 - Unable to Empty Cipboard

3 - GlobalAlloc Failed

4 - GlobalLock Failed

5 - Unable to Create H_DROP

6 - Unable to Update Clipboard

7 - Unable to Close Clipboard

8 - GlobalUnlock Failed

there is no information about error =9


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what drive me crazy is it was working yesterday today it is not working i restarted my laptop i made it compatible with windows xp sp 2 even runned it in xp mode :S nothing happened any suggestion?

the only thing i done is installing xp mode i don't think installing xp mode is the reason why it doesn't work

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so i need help what should i do to fix this? i did trick to do what i want temporary but it's sick trick i put the file i want in directory then open that directory then use send() the first letter to select the file then send ctrl c but really i need help with that error

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The question is what needs fixing. Testing tells me that it is a bug by running the code below.

#include <Misc.au3>
#Include <WinAPI.au3>

$file = @ScriptDir & "\img24.jpg"
$fTest = _ClipPutFile($file)
If Not $fTest Then
    MsgBox(0, '@error = ' & @error & ' @extended = ' & @extended, _WinAPI_GetLastErrorMessage())
    MsgBox(0, 'No error condition', '$fTest has a value')

I changed the JPG name to suit what I had available at the time. I get an output of:


@error = 9 @extended = 0


The operation completed successfully.




from WinXP SP3 within Virtualbox. @extended tells me 0. I also tried using ClipGet() after _ClipPutFile() which gives me the full path to the file. _ClipBoard_GetData() gives me a empty file if I use FileWrite with the return from it.

Searching the forum for "_ClipPutFile()" may give some hint at why others have not had this issue. It is odd why the error of 9 is undocumented so it may have been added later. :idea:

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the same and working and pressed ctrl v the image pasted i don't know what was wrong

thx any way :idea:


@error = 9 @extended = 0


The operation completed successfully.




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Hi to all,

I'm experiencing the very same problem. Does anybody has a solution for this?

I'm using this code:

$1 = FileOpenDialog("Title",@MyDocumentsDir, "(*.*)", 1 + 4 )

$2 = _ClipPutFile($1)
MsgBox(64,"",$2 & @CRLF & @error & @CRLF & @extended & @CRLF &  _WinAPI_GetLastErrorMessage() & @CRLF & ClipGet() )

...and having this as result/error:

ClipputFile_Return = False
@error = 9
@extended = 0
Win API Last Error = The operation completed successfully.

//this is the weird part. When I read clipboard with Clipget() I get this:
ocuments and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Untitled

//But when I read $1 it gives a proper file destionation:
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Untitled-1.odt

Note that I added "@error =","ClipPutFile_Return =" etc. to make it easier to understand :idea:...

I'm using version and Windows XP 64-bit with SP2 installed.

Thank in advance


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