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I need a push - Copying files from directory based on file name in txt

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Been a while since I've used autoit, and kind of out of touch with it. So I need a little push in right direction on where to start with this. Basically I have a txt file with a bunch of file names (just the name, no extention). Then I have a directory with thousands of files, including all of the file names that are in my text file. I need a way to extract those that are in the list, or delete all that are not in the list.

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One way would be to use _FileListToArray() on the folder in question, then filereadline() the textfile, and do a arraysearch(). After finding the file you can move it, or add it to a move list or something

something like this

$keep = fileopen("list.txt",0)

$currentlist = _FileListToArray($folderpath)

    $file = filereadline($keep)
    $err = @error



until $err =-1

This code is just a guide, not a working script :idea:

(You can also look at reading the text then using FileFindFirstFile() to find it and move it)

This is probably not the most efficient way, but It will work.

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