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[solved] FileCopy( )

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hi I tried to copy a file with the filecopy script but it won'T work. I didn't know why. now i know. can't overwrite the old file. how can i copy a file with overwriting?

my sorce is:

FileCopy(@ScriptDir & "\packages\ac_client.exe", @ScriptDir & "\bin_win32\")

how can i modify it to allow the overwriting?


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FileSetAttrib(@ScriptDir & "\bin_win32\ac_client.exe, "-R") ; just to be sure
FileCopy(@ScriptDir & "\packages\ac_client.exe", @ScriptDir & "\bin_win32\",9) ; 1 = overwrite existing files,  8 = Create destination directory structure if it doesn't exist

Edit: flag 9 is better then flag 1.

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