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conversion between _array type

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:idea: there it is,

2 silly functions to convert 0 base index array and 1 base index array...

i guest the _array UDF should have something like that ...

1base index array is kind of array with array size at position 0

ex. stringSplit

#include <Array.au3>

func array0ToArray1( byref $a0 )
   local $a1[ubound($a0) + 1], $i

   for $i = 1 to ubound($a0)
      $a1[$i] = $a0[$i - 1]
   $a1[0] = ubound($a0)
    return( $a1 )

func array0FromArray1( byref $a1 )
   local $a0[$a1[0]], $i

   for $i = 0 to $a1[0] - 1
      $a0[$i] = $a1[$i + 1]
   return( $a0 )

global $a0
global $a1 = stringSplit( "qwerty", ""  )

_arrayDisplay($a1, "")
$a0 = array0FromArray1( $a1 )
_arrayDisplay($a0, "")
$a1 = array0ToArray1( $a0 )
_arrayDisplay($a1, "")
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Here is your example rewritten using existing functions already in the UDF include file, Array.au3.

#include <Array.au3>

Local $a1 = StringSplit("qwerty", "")

_ArrayDisplay($a1, "")
_ArrayDelete($a1, 0) ; Instead of array0FromArray1( $a1 )
_ArrayDisplay($a1, "")
_ArrayInsert($a1, 0, UBound($a1)) ; Instead of array0ToArray1( )
_ArrayDisplay($a1, "")


lol ur right ...

I didn't think hard enough :)

I don't use the _array package, i have since long time my own few packages

who do all that stuff (array, matrix etc), i was just writing a script for someone

and wrote those 2 functions on the fly for him ...

i should always think before coding :(


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